August 1, 2017
Serena Williams is one of the highest paid athletes in the world.
And while she isn’t personally hurting for cash, she’s using her sizeable platform to speak out on an issue she cares about: Equal Pay.
Monday was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. To commemorate the occasion, Williams penned an essay in Fortune urging lawmakers to close the pay gap.
According to the National Women’s Law Center, Black women earn, on average, 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes.
That means Black women must work a full 19 months to earn what white men make in one calendar year. July 31st was chosen as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day to highlight this fact.
Williams conceded achieving equal pay will not be easy. She wrote, “The cycles of poverty, discrimination, and sexism are much, much harder to break than the record for Grand Slam titles.”
But she did point to some hopeful statistics. According to Survey Monkey, 43% of millennial Black women believe both genders have equal opportunities for promotion.
Williams ended her essay saying, “Let’s get back those 37 cents.” Serena, we couldn’t agree more.


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