August 10, 2017
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By Brodie Cooper

Ed Sheeran got a mauling from fans around the world for his Game Of Thrones appearance.

But Ryan Reynolds is plotting to bring his pal back into acting by working “something silly” into Deadpool 2.

Ryan has been trying to work out having Ed appear in the movie, and then in true Deadpool style mock his cameo. One movie source says the appearance would see Deadpool “ripping him a new one” and “making a joke about the Game Of Thrones furor”.

The project is top secret with Ryan, who is a huge fan of Ed’s music, working on pinning down schedules.

Ed’s movie appearance would be quite the coup given that he temporarily deleted his Twitter account in the wake of his appearance recently in Game of Thrones.

After his cameo thousands of the Thrones fans took to social media to completely bash the “Shape of You” singer. Ed had already been vocal about his upset at how he is treated online.

A source said:

“Ryan is a huge fan of Ed’s music and was touched by how he has spoken so positively about him in the past. He thought it would be fun to work in a clever way of having Ed in the sequel, and injecting that crazy x-rated humor into the scene too. Ryan felt bad for him that his got so much backlash for his cameo. And Ed’s sense of humor ties in with Ryan, and so creating a clever way of mocking the whole Game Of Thrones storm is a smart way of moving on. They have some ideas, which only a few key players know about – including Ed appearing in the end titles with Deadpool joking that he wasn’t good enough to make the main cut. Now it is a case of getting their schedules aligned to make it work. Ed is a huge sold out north American tour and Ryan’s mostly shooting in Canada.”

Last month while on tour, Ed told several media outlets that Ryan is his man crush – and would be a fun partner.

Ed feels that father-of-two Ryan would be a hoot as a lover given his comic turn on hit movie Deadpool.

The Hollywood star hoped to attend his last month’s Vancouver show but couldn’t due to film sequel commitments.

Asked who he would have a same-sex relationship with, Ed jokingly replied: “Probably someone like Ryan Reynolds, because I think if it felt awkward he would probably make a joke about it.”

Ed added the added bonus would be Ryan’s Deadpool suit is rubber.“And it is rubber so it cleans easily.”

Ryan spent several years working turning Deadpool into the first R-rated comic book blockbuster.

The hilarious comic book adaptation Deadpool was a 2016 smash making almost $800m from just $58m.



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