March 22, 2017
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It’s been over three years since Richard Simmons has been spotted Sweating to the Oldies at his Beverly Hills fitness studio, or been seen in public!

This has caused rabid speculation about his whereabouts with wild reports claiming he’s either gone missing, being held hostage by his housekeeper or transitioning into a woman.

But according to People, the real skinny on the situation is that the 68-year-old has simply gone into self-imposed seclusion. Um, because that’s normal!

“My brother is fine,” says Richard’s older brother Lenny Simmons. “He’s not sick. There’s nothing medically wrong with him at all. My wife Cathy and I were out there for Christmas and spent five days with him.”

His brother also refuted any notion that the fitness guru was transgender.

“These things about him transitioning to a woman are ridiculous. My wife Cathy and I were out there for Christmas and spent five days with him and I can assure you, he’s not transitioning into anything but himself.”

A popular podcast Missing Richard Simmons furthered fueled the claims that he was being held captive by his housekeeper Teresa Reveles, but a recent “welfare check” by the LAPD concluded that the Deal-a-Meal kingpin was doing “perfectly fine.”

If the police have to check up on you, then things don’t sound all that good to us! And let’s not forget Richard was hospitalized for “bizarre behavior” last summer.

But even Richard’s longtime manager Michael Catalano swears that his client is doing great.

“He looks great, he’s trim and he has a beard, salt and pepper,” Catalano told the magazine. “He’s in excellent health, as far as I know.”

I guess for now we’ll have to take his word for it.

Godspeed, Richard. 🙏🏽



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