December 29, 2017

Rashida Jones is all about keeping it old school.

The actress/writer has had it with the pressures of social media/technology and instead returned to a simpler time when your phone just made calls.

Millennials may want to sit down for this, because Jones says she’s given up her smartphone. Bye bye iPhone!

“I just ordered a phone which is called a dumbphone which is the opposite of a smartphone and it just makes phone calls,” she told Vulture. “I’ve gone from being slightly pondering and having a bit of a filter between me and technology to just feeling like I can’t anymore.”

The catalyst that brought this on was writing the “Nosedive” episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, which takes place in the not-too distant future where everyone is given a numerical rating based on how they socially interact with others. This ranking affects your status in society and is visible to everyone. It’s Yelp for humans!

Like. Follow. Share. Comment. Repeat.

How long can you go without picking up your phone?

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