March 6, 2017



Our girl Porsha was casting a lot of shade on the latest episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and we couldn’t expect less after she realized everyone, including Phaedra, were invited to a getaway trip to Maui organized by Kandi and Todd. What kind of a trip would that be without Frick and Frack?

Well, if you thought Porsha was going to miss it, you’re wrong! Phaedra decided to invite Porsha as her plus 1 and she accepted! Lord have mercy… drama alert for Kandi, Cynthia, and Kenya!

During an episode of Dish Nation, Porsha went on to spill the tea on what she thought about the receipts Kandi pulled out to prove Porsha tried to hook up with her 3 years ago! But first, they took their time to teach Porsha that Hawaii is no foreign country. Oops!

But Porsha didn’t arrive alone to the battlefield. She arrived with her own version of Todd Stewart and geared up against Kandi!

“I have a Todd and Kandi has a Todd. So, I don’t think I want to disrespect him and call him Marvin, so I think I’ll call him Toddler… because he’s little and cute!”

Our guest host Ed Lover called our girl out saying the word toddler was just mean. Headkrack suggested she made Todd into a fun-size human! Shade game on point and real.

The most scandalous moment of RHOA was when Kandi decided to pass out the receipts that prove Porsha was trying to hook up with her! Kandi took her time to print out old text messages between her and Porsha from 3 years ago!

Check it out!

Who keeps messages that long? According to Porsha, only someone with dedication and desperation!



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