November 24, 2017
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Oprah Winfrey is spilling the tea!

The media mogul revealed who was the worst person she ever had to interview during an appearance on Harry Connick Jr.‘s show Harry.

“Well, I mean, the worst kind of guest — you’ve had this, too — is when you ask them question and they start talking about 1975, and then you think, ‘Oh, we are in 2017. How long is it going to take us to get to 2017?’ That’s the worst,” she said. “The other worst guests, for me, are those who think whatever they are talking about is so spectacular, and you know it’s not. So, my go to word was always, ‘Wow.’ Like, ‘Wow! Really?'”

But O’s real least favorite guest is one that won’t stop plugging their products.

“I had a guest on who was a lawyer and he mentioned the book 29 times. That’s after I started counting. Every sentence started, ‘In my book, in my book, and if you buy my book,’ and so finally, around third segment, I said, ‘We all know the name of the book. Audience, tell him the name of the book … so you don’t have to say the name of the book anymore.'”

Fun fact: Oprah appeared on Harry to promote her new book The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations.

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