June 29, 2017
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By James Desborough and Jon Boon

It could be the craziest acting comeback of all time – O.J Simpson back on TV playing HIMSELF in a planned new drama about the Juice’s 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery convictions.

Memorabilia dealer turned author Tom Riccio, caught in the middle of the case, has sold the rights to his book Busted about O.J’s Las Vegas robbery and conviction.

And Riccio would welcome O.J taking a role and resuming his acting work in the project.

The book is being turned into a screenplay, suited for a TV series or the big screen.

Riccio feels while Denzel Washington would be his ideal actor choice, OJ would be his perfect person – giving his insight into the actual dramatic reconstruction.

Even though Riccio was a witness at the trial, he insists that O.J never “said anything bad about me.”

Speaking exclusively, Riccio said:

“I have no issues with O.J and if he wants to take the lead role, then that would be fine. He was a decent actor during his Hollywood career, and would be the most convincing person to play the role. Let’s face it, he has the greatest insight into that character – given that it was him – and could bring different dramatic real life takes to the project. People believe that I and he are enemies after I was a witness at the trial. But in my opinion I never disagreed with anything he said in his defense at the trial. He has always said that I was not responsible for planning the robbery, and it was all him. During the trial he even signed a copy of my book. And from what I am told from people who know him, he has has never spoken a badly about me.”

Riccio has admitted that Oscar winner Denzel Washington would be his “number one choice” to portray O.J, but had not considered O.J before that.

He added: “If he wants to come back to acting, I feel that this would be a great vehicle for him. And I cannot imagine how fascinating it would be for people to see him back on the screen.”

Tom feels in an ideal world, Vince Vaughn would play him.

“He is a tall guy and strong actor, who likes to act a little eccentric, which is how some people describe me.”

Following the commercial and critical success of led drama series, producers are hoping to attract as much attention with the next chapter in O.J’s wild life.

Busted focuses on how livid O.J locked memorabilia sellers into a hotel room, grabbing his belongings back and then stealing their other items under threat of guns. The showdown at The Station Casino in Vegas in 2007 ended with him being found guilty of felony counts and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Riccio played a key role in O.J’s criminal conviction for kidnapping and theft, encouraging the former Heisman Trophy winner to steal back some of his memorabilia from collectors at a Vegas hotel.

Riccio’s decision to record an audio tape of the incident with O.J saying “no one leaves the room” was deemed the key factor in the star’s conviction of 33 felony counts in 2008. It also damaged O.J’s defence that he was an innocent party.

Currently, the Nevada Corrections Board are milling over whether to grant the former record-breaking running back parole on July 20.

The headline-grabbing news has aided interest in Riccio’s project.

While the drama is on the cards for O.J, Riccio admitted recently the star should not do any TV interviews.

Last night producer Heather Holmberg of Tipped Hat Entertainment Inc. confirmed that she is working on the screenplay.

“I am hoping that people will find Tom’s story compelling. O.J’s story is sensational and one for the history books. Tom’s own story is unique as he was a one off in his business. And when these two characters came together, world war three broke out.”


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