May 7, 2017

Police around the country reach out to their communities in many different ways, but Officer Ed Schlueter in St. Louis County has decided to do it one gift card at a time.

According to FOX 2 St. Louis, it all started after he took photos of Christmas light decorations while on patrol over the holidays. He posted them on Facebook, and asked people to vote — promising to buy two large pizzas from Dominos for the winner. But when Dominos found out, they refused to let the officer pay for them. Instead, the company sent him gift cards to give to the winners.

But the winning house wouldn’t accept Schlueter’s help, and gave him $100 to give to the community instead. So Schlueter bought MORE gift cards, and started handing them out to people in need.

“I found so many people who could use either a pick me up or they actually just needed the money to get to work and back,” Schlueter told FOX 2.

When that $100 was spent, Schlueter used his own money for gift cards. As people heard about the good deeds on Facebook, even more gift cards poured in. So far, he’s received more than $2,000 worth and has been giving them to other officers to hand out in the region.

Schlueter has even given out his gift cards out while giving out tickets. After writing a citation, he noticed a woman was driving on empty and gave her a gift card to a gas station.


Watch the video to see how Officer Schlueter is changing things one gift card at a time.


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