February 1, 2018
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Exclusive by James Desborough

The Simpsons star Nancy Cartwright has entertained well over a billion fans as the voice of  Bart Simpson and other characters on the hit Fox series. And while fans have been delightful, supportive and often emotional at meeting the actress and voice over star – one did weird her out.

Nancy, who also voices the characters of Nelson, Ralph and Todd Flanders, exclusively revealed to Dish Nation how one oddball viewer asked her if she uses Bart’s voice while in the bedroom.

The Emmy-winning actress also dished the great news that the cast and crew are committed to keeping the hit show – which is celebrating its 30th anniversary – on the air at least until 2048. But, unfortunately, a sequel to 2007’s The Simpsons Movie is off the table.

Nancy served us her exclusives as she attended the The Art Directors Guild 22nd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards.

Asked about her weirdest fan encounter, she explained:

“That’s an easy question; some guy actually had the nerve to ask me, ‘Do you ever use that voice of Bart Simpson when you’re making love to your husband?’ Like, you’re an idiot. I am a ten-year-old boy, I mean come on, that’s just, come on. Look at the ramifications of that alone, people. Get your act together.”

Nancy feels that the primetime series will remain on air for many decades to come.

“We’re moving into year 30. Let’s do 30 more, I’m game. I’m totally game,” she said.

Then joking about her importance, she added: “Like it’s all on my shoulders. It’s all about me, yeah exactly.!”

She continued: “I think as long as everybody is alive, why wouldn’t we keep on doing it? We’re all still around. It’s the original cast. Some of the writers have changed over the years, but the writing holds up. I’m just like blown away; continue to have to pinch myself to say, ‘Is this for real?’ 

“We’re moving into year 30 – that’s ridiculous and incredible at the same time.”

However a big screen repeat is not in the cards.

“I have doubts about them doing another film to be honest with you. It just has to do with manpower, or woman power, animation power. It’s like, to do that show; it takes every single one of those animators, those artists who work for The Simpsons to be able to do that show, so if they’re also going to be doing a feature film, it’s a nice problem to have, believe me, it’s a lovely problem. So I don’t know how the executives are going to work that out. They worked it out the last time, but I think it was challenging. So the show keeps going.”

Nancy joined stars like Gary Oldman and Will Arnett as a presenter at the ADG Awards, which celebrated outstanding work in movie production design.

The big winners were “Blade Runner 2049” (Dennis Gassner), “The Shape of Water” (Paul Denham Austerberry), “Coco” (Harley Jessup), and “Logan” (Francois Audouy), . Television winners included “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Julie Berghoff), “Portlandia” (Schuyler Telleen), “Will & Grace” (Glenda Rovella), “Black Mirror” (Joel Collins, Phil Sims), and “Game of Thrones” (Deborah Riley) “Glow” (Todd Fjelsted), and “Star Wars Battlefront II: Rivalry/PS4” (Jason Edmonds), respectively.

Oscar-winning Production Designer Rick Carter presented Kathleen Kennedy, who produced Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jurassic Park, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, with the prestigious Cinematic Imagery Award. Other honoureees were Disney’’s Oscar®-nominated animation filmmakers Ron Clements and John Musker, who created the worlds of Moana, Hercules, Aladdin, and Michael Baugh for the Outstanding Creative Achievement Award.

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