January 11, 2018
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By James Desborough

Superstar actress Michelle Williams takes a toothbrush with her to events – to keep her pearly whites looking shiny and clean.

And one of the reasons is that she hates getting food stuck in her teeth, especially as her favorite treat at parties is desserts.

Michelle showed off her unique health trick as she celebrated her Golden Globe Best Actress nomination at the star-studded HBO after party on Sunday.

Arriving with friends, she headed straight for the dessert area, the actress picked up two – a chocolate tart and fruit fondant.

Then chatting with a guest, Michelle smiled as she was told: “the best desserts were the Rice Krispies chocolate chunks, but they are all gone.”

The star responded: “That is typical. I love this section, but I always get there too late and most of the good ones are gone.”

As Michelle was congratulated by executives and party guests on her moving film performance in All the Money in the World, she appeared relaxed.

However a little later she pulled out a toothbrush and began cleaning her mouth. She then checked with one of her team to make sure she had nothing stuck in her teeth.

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One partygoer said:

“Michelle was just beaming when she walked into the party and headed straight over to the dessert table. She eyed up the goodies and picked up two, but missed out on the Rice Krispies treats, which guests had been raving about. Still she enjoyed her picks, and a few moments later pulled out a toothbrush to clean her smile. One of her friends joked that she always did that so she would keep her smile clean for party photos at events. For Michelle it seemed so natural to do. It was in and out within a few seconds after a quick check on whether they were clean. It was also so great to see an actress enjoy the goodies and not worry about what she was eating in terms of caloric content.”

Michelle appeared on the red carpet Sunday with #MeToo founder Tarana Burke speaking of her determination to change the inequality and abuse of women in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old was one of a raft of superstar talent at the HBO after party, including Young Pope nominee Jude Law, Big Little Lies winner Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey, Helen Mirren, Lena Dunham and Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya.

In a far corner, Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington proved he was in the party mood drinking cocktails while hanging out with co-stars Emilia Clarke and Gwendoline Christie. Gwendoline was laughing with guests that her gorgeous gown was as wide as a wedding train.

Paris Hilton made a point of flashing her $2 million engagement ring from fiancé Chris Zylka to dozens of attendees. Paris told guests she hopes to have more than one wedding.

Mariah later sat down at a table by the dance floor next to boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, who was kissing her hand and whispering in her ear. Gleeful Mariah was lapping up the attention and singing along to tunes the DJ was spinning.


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