Meryl Streep Ain’t Cheap! Just Frugal…

August 21, 2015
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Meryl Streep is worth an estimated $65 million, but she doesn’t spend like it!

Sources exclusively tell Dish Nation that the Oscar-winning actress is one of the most frugal celebrities around.

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“Meryl is a huge budget shopper,” the source said. “She hates buying clothes, so nearly everything she owns — which she didn’t get for free from a designer — comes from a discount store.

“She loves to buy from thrift stores!”

In addition to skimping out when it comes to her wardrobe, Meryl, 66, also keeps a tight budget with her home furnishings and jewelry.

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“If an appliance breaks down in her house and can’t be fixed, she will go to a second-hand store for a solution or replacement,” the insider added.

“Her children always make fun of her for being so frugal, but she can’t help it.”

According to the insider, those around Meryl feel there’s a big difference between being cheap and just being frugal.

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“She has no problem passing off a cubic zirconia as a real diamond, and she’s even been known to clip coupons — but on the other hand she spoils her loved ones rotten,” the source said.

“It’s a very strange dichotomy, but aside from her nice properties, she just doesn’t feel the need to waste so much on superficial items.”

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