Mel B’s Heart Of Gold, Misunderstood

July 10, 2015
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Mel B left a member of the America’s Got Talent staff red faced after they accused her of selling off her on-set wardrobe — only to discover she was giving the proceeds to charity.

The AGT beauty has allegedly been cashing in on thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes she’s been given for free, but it turns out she hasn’t been pocketing the money.

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“This person who works for her saw she was taking photos of all this expensive gear — which she didn’t think she should have been taking in the first place — and so she confronted her,” an insider exclusively dished.

However, she was left embarrassed when Mel told her she was giving away the cash and not keeping it for herself.

“Being the multi-millionaire that she is, it’d be pretty outrageous if she was making money from the freebies,” the source added.

“But if she’s giving all the proceeds away, you can’t really fault it.”

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Luckily for the staff member, the former Spice Girl didn’t make a big deal of the situation — and with a net worth of $33 million Mel clearly doesn’t have a reason to be making money on the side!

Mel, 40, was also reported to have signed a seven-figure deal for her latest judging role on America’s Got Talent.

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