June 9, 2017
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By Jon Boon for Dish Nation

Who ya gonna call?

Well, none other New Zealand singing sensation, and Taylor Swift‘s bestie, Lorde

The “Green Light” songstress recently called herself a “witch” because she summoned the ghost of the late David Bowie to her studio, so she claims. 

While she was laying down tracks for her new record, Melodrama (out June 16) she believes she felt David’s spirit alongside her as she was recording. 

Now, Dish Nation has EXCLUSIVELY learned that UK TV bosses are hoping to convince the Kiwi singer to star in a ghostly special, where she will visit haunted houses or places to see if more spirits can communicate with her. 

Production team members  from long running hit British show Most Haunted believe Lorde could be a massive draw as a host, and would love to film her on her travels, and try to catch a ghost on camera with her!

“If Lorde is able to reach out to the dead, then this would be the best way of proving it,” a TV insider told us. 

“As soon as the Most Haunted crew heard that Lorde admitted that she felt the presence of David Bowie, they highlighted her as a possible host for a one-off special. They have worked with celebrities in the past and they have been huge successes. While they don’t expect to capture David’s ghost, they do believe that Lorde could have supernatural abilities and is possibly tuned into getting in touch with the spirits and, better still, communicating with them. Producers have already worked out locations in the UK, which are supposedly haunted, that they would love to get Lorde to visit. They also believe Lorde has the right spooky demeanor and intrigue to host the show as well. They’re hopeful that with Lorde’s presence, they may be able to capture a ghost on camera with her.”

However, bosses should be aware that they may have to wait for Lorde’s services, given that she’s got a new record, some European festival dates, and a US tour.

With Melodrama coming out next week, the promotion that needs, as well as various live dates booked, it may be difficult seeing her squeeze in a few days of filming this year.  

Fans of Lorde will remember that David Bowie once said he saw her as “the future of music” shortly before he passed. 

Then, in February 2016, Lorde repaid David’s belief by singing “Life On Mars” in a tribute performance at the BRIT Awards in London, England.

Last week, Lorde gave an interview with UK paper The Daily Telegraph where she explained her Bowie connection in the studio.

“I have always felt connected to [David Bowie], even though I spent only about five minutes in [his] company,’ she said. “I felt he was watching over me in a way. It would be no surprise to anyone I am not weirded out by ghosts or spirits. I am basically a witch.”


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