Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017

Episode 146 – 3/27/17

Cuba Gooding Jr. isn't always so good and Jon Gosselin takes it all off! Also, Cate Blanchett is the woman of Val Kilmer's dreams?

Monday, Mar 27, 2017

Episode 145 – 3/24/17

John Mayer showers Katy Perry with desperation and Meghan Markle can't brush off her pet peeve! Also, are the Blues Brothers about to get...

Friday, Mar 24, 2017

Episode 144 – 3/23/17

Ryan Gosling giggles and Matt Damon takes thirsty to a whole new level! Also, Bey brightens everyone's day.

Thursday, Mar 23, 2017

Episode 143 – 3/22/17

Katey Sagal isn't afraid to 'Kiss' and tell and who is trying to 'Shatner' Nick Viall's chances on DWTS? Also, Lindsay Lohan is trying to ...

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

Episode 142 – 3/21/17

Woody Harrelson says let's not to pot and Dave Chapelle is "Key and Peele-ing" back his feelings! Also, go go Power Rangers! The Power Rang...

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

Episode 141 – 3/20/17

The FBI can rest easy after finding Tom Brady's winning jersey and is Wonder Woman the pits? Also, one soccer player forgets how to dribble an...

Monday, Mar 20, 2017

Episode 140 – 3/17/17

Joe Jonas flashes his underwear, while supermodel Hailey Baldwin keeps it devilishly clean. And why California may really be the happiest plac...

Friday, Mar 17, 2017

Episode 139 – 3/16/17

J.Lo & A.Rod work up a sweat together, while Scottie Pippen proves that love is blonde. Plus, Eddie Murphy wants to make sure everyone is s...

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017

Episode 138 – 3/15/17

More 8 of 3,321 Expand all Print all In new window Copy for Segments- Due by 11 am EST Inbox x McKinley Hart Mar...

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

Episode 137 – 3/14/17

Prince William's moves are royally bad and Charlize 'Reeves' up her training for action films! Also, Thandie Newton feels more natural when...

Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017

Episode 136 – 3/13/17

One Vegas performer hangs up his Hangover gig and Porsha doesn't make the list! Also, has Elton John been spending most his life living in a g...

Monday, Mar 13, 2017

Episode 135 – 3/10/17

The Weeknd's whack backstage policy has us calling foul and the secret to finding love is...frowning?Also, Are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling spl...