Cocktails & Vacations: Summertime With Our LA Hosts

May 29, 2016

Heidi Frank Sammi Erik


Between running one of Los Angeles’ most popular morning radio shows and giving you all the latest entertainment news on Dish Nation, our LA crew doesn’t have much free time. But when they can take a minute to themselves, what exactly do they prefer to do? With Summer just around the corner, we decided to catch up with our team and find out where they like to go on summer vacations… and what they like to drink while they’re vacationing!

First up, Mr. Erik Scott SmithIf you didn’t know, Erik was raised a country boy so it’s no surprise that his favorite vacation spot is back home in Tennessee.


“Tennessee is amazing in the summer.  Put me on a houseboat in the lake holding a can of beer and I’m set.”


Well it certainly sounds amazing to us. A houseboat? Yes please.



Also a fan of beer is the one and only, Frank Kramer.


“I like beer and Costa Rica.”


Well, we can cheers to that!



Sammi Marino is more of a champagne kinda gal.


“Champagne with Sherbet! It’s like a rootbeer float only with Champagne instead of rootbeer and sherbet instead of ice cream.  It’s AMAZING!!”


SOUNDS LIKE IT… But what about her favorite vacation spot?


“Does Disneyland count?”


Sammi, Disneyland ALWAYS counts!





And last, but not certainly not least, our lovely Heidi Hamilton loves her some wine AND margaritas.


“Mango margarita with tajin rimmed glass or Jalapeño margarita with clase Azul tequila (two of those and I immediately take a nap.)”


Umm, sounds delicious.


“I love Punta Mita-Jalisco, Mexico. It’s one of those places that isn’t a big tourist attraction yet-if you want to get away but be in paradise this is the spot! I was once in the gift shop and Kevin Costner was in there with his wife and asked me what I thought of a pair of board shorts! I helped Kevin Costner pick out a bathing suit! Yeah, it’s my claim to fame. That’s also the same trip that I got married on the beach, barefoot, sipping champagne at sunset….I should have invited Kevin! Damn!”







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