August 22, 2017

Hart is where the Home and TEA is!

Eniko Hart decided to take to Instagram to celebrate her one year anniversary with her husband Kevin Hart, and she accidentally poured some hot tea in the caption.

Eniko posted a photo of her and Kevin with the caption, “I love you more every day. 8 years together… 1 year married… Forever to go!”

Kevin Hart has been honest about his cheating ways in his first marriage to Torrei Hart, but a fan was quick to point out that Kevin and Torrei had only been apart for six years and this maybe wasn’t the best thing to flaunt.

Well, Eniko is seven months pregnant so you know those hormones are flying and she decided to check a fan on their facts.


Torrei Hart, Kevin’s ex-wife and mother to Eniko’s two stepchildren, responded with class and grace. When a paparazzi confronted her on the whole situation, she said:

“Here’s the thing. I mean, honestly, that’s been so long ago. Like, why are we still trippin’ on that? I’m happy. I’m out here, a successful businesswoman, launching my brands, doing what I need to do… I wish I had the time that she had to sit around and read comments all day long. I really do, but I don’t. I told them before that I’m happy for them. They’re about to have a baby. My kids are very happy that they have siblings on the way. I’m honestly happy for them, so I don’t understand where all this is coming from. It’s been six years.”

As for Eniko being the mistress, Torrei couldn’t deny the truth.

“I mean, numbers don’t lie. Dates don’t lie.”

Since Torrei responded, Eniko Hart has changed her Instagram caption to a simple,” Live.Laugh.Love 💫 #HARTS1YearAnniversary”. She also disabled comments.

Live.Laugh.Love 💫 #HARTS1YearAnniversary

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Kevin Hart jumped in at the end of the day and we’re not really sure what he’s saying, but he’s clearly over it.

#PressPlay: #KevinHart says he’s laughing off the recent drama between #Eniko and #Torrei

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Well, the only good take away from this is that celebs are just like us. They get in their feelings about Instagram comments too!

Hopefully, Eniko is putting her feet up and moving past this because this couldn’t have been the easiest pregnancy with this drama and the cheating rumors of Kevin in Miami that surfaced only last month. While Kevin laughed off the accusations, it’s still not fun for your husband to be in the tabloids.

Plus, we’re more than ready to see the newest Hart!


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