Kanye West Wants Beck To Give Beyoncé His Grammy

February 9, 2015
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Getty Images


Another day, another delusional Kanye West rant! Only this time it wasn’t on twitter and this time we have two Kardashians nodding and adding “Amen” during each rant gap/breath.

Kanye feels the Grammys aren’t respecting real artistry (Beyoncé didn’t win one category) and if they don’t get their act together(start giving his friends awards), he’s gonna take his toys and go home!

Beck fans reacted online. One quote taken from facebook was extra notable:

So let’s see…Beck is musically fluent is 14 different instruments, composes entire albums where he plays everything himself…but Kanye says that Beyonce who does not play an instrument and uses a team of co-writers to create lyrics is the real artist

Well, they make a good point. Let’s go to Jay Z and Bey for their reaction.

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