February 23, 2018


Gayle King is walking around like a zombie!

The CBS This Morning host has revealed she gets up at 3:22 am and barely gets more than three hours sleep.

“My alarm goes off at precisely 3:22 a.m., and then I have a backup alarm that goes off at 3:25 a.m. just in case,” she told The Cut. “I’m really glad to say I’ve never overslept.”

After a full day at the office, Gayle works out at home, preps for the next day’s show and then tries to catch up on her favorite TV programs . All of that leaves little time for shuteye.

“And lately I’ve been up until eleven or twelve at night, because you just start watching something and you can’t stop. So I don’t have a set bedtime.”

We’re exhausted just hearing how little rest the 63-year-old gets! According to the National Sleep Foundation, seven to nine hours is recommended for adults 18 -64.

Watch the clip above to find out the sleep schedules of our Atlanta and L.A. teams.

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