Fatal Shooting At T.I. Concert

May 26, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


A shooting at a T.I. concert in Manhattan has left three people injured and one person dead.

The unfortunate situation took place late Wednesday night around 10:15 PM, leaving all those attending in complete shock. Elijah Rodriguez, who was in the VIP area near the stage as everything happened, described the terrifying aftermath.


“It was scary to deal with. When I got outside, like literally across the street, there were a few girls having panic attacks … One girl thought she saw someone get shot in front of her.”


One fan even posted a video from inside the concert venue, saying he had “never been so scared” in his life. And based off the video, we totally understand.





At this time, neither T.I. or his people have released a statement. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the individual who passed away, and we wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured.


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