‘Side Dish’ With Model & Actress Faith Picozzi

February 4, 2015
Faith Picozzi
Faith Picozzi


Sexy, sultry and stylish — just a few words which sum up risng star model and actress Faith Picozzi.

The unique entertainer​ has starred in ​a portfolio of print and digital campaigns, brand collaborations, commercials, features, covers, editorials and photo shoots placed world wide. Hollywood studios and ad agencies are looking at Faith as a future big player.

Collaborating and being the vision for countless brands ranging from high street to high fashion, alongside her love for fitness, health, cooking, improv, acting and hosting/entertaining any chance she can — Faith is highly anticipating her future moves. With more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, it has led Faith to become a self-innovated tastemaker and influencer for this generation.

​She came to Dish Nation to participate in our fun Side Dish piece.


Q – Where did you go on your first date and what happened?
A – My first date was when I was 16 modeling in Paris. We went to dinner and walked around the city at night. Yes that was also when I had my first kiss (although it was not a French kiss). We were on a bridge looking over the seine river. It was pretty romantic!

Q – If you had an elephant, where would you hide it?
A – I guess I would have to build the elephant a little home in my backyard where he would have all his toys!

Q – What song are you listening to the most right now, and which is the most potentially embarrassing?
A – “Last of the English Roses” by Pete Doherty.

Q – If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
A – Teleporting, that way I could be anywhere at anytime. I could venture to new places in less than a minute and enjoy sunsets all over the world.

Q – What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had recently?
A – I was this superhero that could levitate and I had to defeat a weird looking giant bear that had sharp teeth and fuzzy eyebrows.

Q – If you didn’t need to eat or didn’t need to sleep, which would you choose and why?
A – No sleep, it would give me more time to do everything.

Q – What’s your favorite lunch dish and which food do you not like and why?
A – Hmm…that’s a hard question since I love food! I would have to say sushi is my favorite lunch. Food that I don’t like would be anything with meat. I’m a pescetarian.

Q – Do you have any phobias and what have been some of the repercussions?
A – I’m a clean freak and that makes using public restrooms hard for me!

Q – How do you relax and how easy do you find it to let go?
A – I find it hard to let go, I’m a very passionate person and an over achiever. The way I relax is being in a quiet place listening to my favorite music, painting or collaging.

Q – If you could be anywhere and with anyone right now, where and who would it be at this very moment?
A – I would be with my mom and we would be in Venice, Italy sitting on a gondola floating around the canals!

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