May 5, 2017
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by James Desborough

Madcap Motley Crue star Vince Neil is likely to find himself getting stung very soon by the Bey-hive  – after saying that Beyonce is a “joke” among the rock community. 

Vince said the rock world is still reeling as Beyonce was nominated in rock categories at this year’s Grammys. Vince blasted that her being considered a rock performer of any kind  was “a prank” and “a joke.” 

However, Vince got confused when lambasting Bey being nominated  for Best Rock Album when in fact she was nominated in the Best Rock Performance category for “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

The singer came out firing on the pink carpet moaning about the modern state of rock: 

When you have Beyonce up for the Grammys for best Rock Album there is some trouble going on. It was joke..I mean I thought it was a joke; It thought it was a prank. But it was real and it was sad. “

Asked if he liked her music, Vince ducked away from the question:

“But it is not rock’n’roll. I mean rock and roll.” 

And baffled Vince then claimed that Beyonce’s nomination was more of a shock than when Blue Oyster Cult won a Grammy for best rock album –  a feat which has not happened.

“There was a huge fear when Blue Oyster Cult  won best rock and roll album years ago, but this is Beyonce –  that is a whole different thing .”

Vince says that he hopes that Beyonce’s nomination will inspire teenagers to pick up instruments and rock. 

Hopefully there are some kids in the garages jamming out some old rock and roll and looking at Kiss, Motley, Guns’ N Roses posters saying yeah we want to do that – well let that revolution come back round .”

Vince spoke exclusively at 21st annual Power Of Love Gala in Vegas, which raises awareness and millions for research into brain degeneration. 

Asked if rock and roll excess including heavy boozing and drug use had impacted his brain function, he replied: “My brain is fine, but my hearing has gone. There are aches and pains – doing rock and roll for 35 years it beats you up.”

Vince is a huge advocate for the Keep The Memory Alive Foundation donating all his earnings from the Celebrity Apprentice

Vince was one of a string of stars attending the 21st annual Power of Love gala inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The dazzling star-studded benefit honoured Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated, Ronald O. Perelman for his outstanding achievements in philanthropy.  

KMA recognizeprofessional tennis superstar and Las Vegas local, Andre Agassi with its Community Achievement Award and Siegfried Fischbacher, of the legendary duo Siegfried & Roy, with the inaugural Caregiver Award.

The theme of this year’s gala was to honor care givers, who support patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s.  The Cleveland Clinic is confident in developing more drug modifying therapies to kill the stem of the horrendous condition. 


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