November 3, 2017


By Jon Boon

She’s not saying anything this time around!

Like many music fans, Taylor Swift was stunned to see bestie Selena Gomez reuniting with Justin Bieber after splitting from The Weeknd.

Taylor, 27, was ready to jump to 25-year-old Selena’s aid following her recent breakup but is concerned that the “Bad Liar” singer has bounced back to Justin.

When Selena tried to reconcile a romance with Biebs back in the summer of 2016, Taylor cooled her friendship with her pal because she was wary that it would all end in tears.

Now, Taylor is taking a “sit back and see” attitude to Selena rekindling things with Justin, meaning if he wants to win back his former beloved he’ll have to get through Taylor first!


“Taylor has learned that the best policy for her regarding Selena and Justin’s rekindling their friendship, is to keep her mouth shut,” a source exclusively tells Dish Nation.

“After hearing that Selena and The Weeknd had ended things, Taylor was ready to be a shoulder for her friend to cry on. She knew how much The Weeknd meant to Selena. They had grown close and while Taylor listened to her friend’s thoughts on love, she never piled into dishing out advice. She is there to support her friend in need, but will not actively go venting her opinions of the situation to Selena. ”

The source continued: “However when Taylor got wind that Selena was getting together with Justin, she backed off a little.
“Time and time again she’s seen Selena get hurt by Justin, even when she tried to win him back in 2016, and Taylor just doesn’t want to get involved.

“Taylor actually took a back seat with her friendship with Selena when things didn’t work out between her and Justin in 2016, right before she hooked up with The Weeknd.

“Rather than give advice now to Selena that she should forget Justin, Taylor is instead turning a blind eye to it all. She’s going to keep quiet and see what happens. Of course, should it all go wrong, Taylor’s likely to help her pick up the pieces yet again. Justin will have his work cut out though if he ever thinks that he will be able to win Taylor over.”

It was announced earlier this week that Selena and The Weeknd had split after 10 months of dating — reportedly because of their busy work schedules.

Selena and Justin have since seemed inseparable — Wednesday morning the pair were spotted going for a bike ride and coffee run. At one point, Selena even leaned her head on Justin’s shoulder as they went for refreshments.

They were also spied enjoying a vegan breakfast in LA last Sunday, as well as meeting at each other’s homes during the day. Justin was even seen leaving Selena’s home on Monday morning in his white Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV.
Justin and Selena have gone through six years of dipping in and out of love. Their first date was at an
IHOP in Philadelphia in December 2010.

By November 2012 the pair called time on their romance, only to rekindle things a year later. That didn’t last long as both shared flings with stars like Zedd and Hayley Baldwin. The pair publicly took swipes at each other for the next two years.

In January of this year, she started dating The Weeknd, while he grew closer to Sofia Richie. After she revealed details of her life-saving kidney transplant, concerned Justin made a push to become friends again with the singer.

At first, they kept their distance, but in recent days they have gone public with their affections.




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