January 31, 2017
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By Brodie Cooper for Dish Nation


Oh no she didn’t! Rihanna doesn’t hold any grudges, does she?

The “Umbrella” singer has been talking among friends that her former beau Drake‘s relationship with Jennifer Lopez won’t last!

RiRi, 28, just doesn’t think Drake is quite ready to be a one-woman man, who is ready to walk down the aisle. She and her friends have seen him flirt up a storm with other ladies when they were together, as well as seeing him at dinner with adult filmstar Rosee Divine last week. 

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While Rihanna is stopping short at saying Drake is already looking elsewhere when he has “Jenny from the Block” on his arm, there are doubts that they have a future together.

And our girl RiRi should know, because she was a woman once scorned by the “Hotline Bling” hunk.

“Rihanna isn’t holding back about Drake and Jennifer,” a business associate  tells Dish Nation exclusively.“She thinks Drake is getting his fix right now, but he will soon pass her off for someone else because he’s not looking for longterm. RiRi and her friends don’t believe Drake is a fully down to be a one-woman man yet; and she should know having dated him on and off. She fell for him hard, and knows what it’s like to bowled over by his charms, but the talk among her closest friends is that she believes Drake and Jennifer’s romance will end in tears. In her eyes, Drake just isn’t ready to settle down and has absolutely no interest in that whatsoever. She also doesn’t believe that J.Lo and Drake would have anything in common with each other, other than the fact they’re both in music. Rihanna imagines that their romance will be a flash in the pan and will fizzle out soon and people will soon forget they were even an item. Better still, his fledgling relationship with Jennifer has left a sour taste in RiRi’s social circle. There is a huge discussion about whether she should  take his calls when they split. Many feel that there should be no way she should consider taking him back.”

While J.Lo and Drake have been spotted getting cozy for over a month, some media reports have claimed the showmance was designed to promote their careers.

J.Lo split with long-term love Casper Smart in the autumn.



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