October 12, 2017
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By Jon Boon

​I​t is a sentence that many would be shocked at – Kanye​ West working ​with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart​.

However the two composers are in tune at the moment.

​We have​ learned that the hip-hop star turned fashion mogul has been making sure his soon-to-be born daughter appreciates classical music, while in the womb.

How, you ask? Well, Kanye, 40, has put together a mixtape full of a number of famous classical composers​’​ greatest hits for his surrogate to listen to in their downtime, that’s how!

​A friend joked ​Kanye doesn’t want his third child with Kim Kardashian growing up to be a ‘College Dropout’ and has been reading up on the Mozart effect — which despite no real scientific support – is believed to help develop the baby’s brain.

A source tells Dish Nation:

“Kanye’s proud of his back catalogue of hits, like ‘Stronger’ and ‘Gold Digger,’ but he’s shunning them for classical music these days. Convinced about the Mozart effect, since learning about it online, Kanye has taken to making a playlist that he’s asked for his surrogate to play for his baby. He genuinely believes that despite there being little scientific evidence that proves otherwise, classical music can aid with the development of a baby’s brain. Kanye wants the best for his daughter, and wants her to be smart at school, so he’s trying this technique out to see if it works. He’s aware that other parents swear by it, so he’s plugged in all the greats, like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Wagner and even Chopin. It’s not quite the playlist you’d expect from Kanye, and is quite eclectic to say the least, but he’s even broadened his own musical horizons in the process.”

Not settled with just creating his classical playlist, hands-on Kanye has also been helping in other ways.

The rapper has been preparing smoothies for his surrogate which are said to be great during pregnancy.

“Kanye has been busy at home, ​working out the various fruit​ blends to make sure the surrogate is eating healthy foods for her and the baby,” the source continued. He’s read that berries, bananas and coconut oil are all helpful in baby development. As are greens like kale or spinach. He’s been super-caring about the surrogate and the baby, which Kim has loved and he’s enjoyed having time on his hands to think outside the box and do something beneficial for his second daughter. Getting healthy meal services delivered to the surrogate shows how thoughtful he is as a father, and he just can’t wait to become a dad again.”

​Kim and Kanye’s third child is reportedly due in January.



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