November 11, 2016
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Kanye West and Will Ferrell are secretly working on a movie based on the hip-hop star’s colorful life, Dish Nation has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

The Life of Pablo star is a huge fan of the comic actor and has been exchanging a number of emails with Will over plot ideas for a biopic that Kanye hopes will shatter the box office.

But rather than write a gritty rags-to-riches tales about his early days of rising to the top of the rap game, Kanye wants Will to help him write a comedy movie filled with lots of funny one-liners and slapstick gaffes.

Kanye, 39, is obsessed with Will’s films Anchorman and Step Brothers and can quote every single line. In fact, he regularly watches them in his downtime when he’s relaxing at home.

Now, he wants Will, 49, and the funnyman’s writing partner Adam McKay to get involved in a project based on his life chronicling his beginnings to present day, which will include his romance with Kim Kardashian. Will and Adam have already worked with Kanye when he appeared in a cameo role in Anchorman 2. And they were so wowed by his performance they want to work with him again.

Plot ideas have already been discussed, and insiders say “hilarious ideas” include Kanye playing himself as a young 13-year-old in his bedroom rapping in front of a mirror. He couldn’t think of anyone better to bring his life to the big screen than Will and Adam, given their track record in producing comedy hits.

“Kanye has been thinking about this for a long, long time and he has been trading ideas and discussions with Will to make a funny comedy about his life. But rather than take himself too seriously, he really feels it has to be a comedy and not a preachy film. He wants it to be an easy watch, filled with laughter just like the movies he loves.”

“He’s exchanged various ideas with Will and his comedy partner Adam (McKay) and doesn’t want a young actor playing him. Instead, he’s suggested playing the role himself, aged 13, sitting in his bedroom writing lyrics and sporting a comedy pair of braces to emphasize the point home. Will and Adam are both very open to the idea and think they can come up with enough comic material, with the help of Kanye, to put together a comedy film just as good as what they’ve worked on before.”

“Having worked with Kanye before, they know exactly what they’re getting. Both were very impressed by his work ethic and comedy timing when he appeared in Anchorman 2 in a small role. They think there’s huge potential there to make a classic, if not quite obscure, comedy that will appeal to more than just his fans.”

Kanye has had a limited run on movies and TVs mainly in cameos, but never had a lead role. His appearances on SNL, The Love Guru and Entourage all created great critical acclaim.





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