December 1, 2016
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By Emma Patterson


Justin Bieber is planning to go on a “ballers backpacking” break after he finishes his Purpose world tour.

Workaholic Justin has worked nonstop for the last four years recording, promoting and touring – and he still has eight months to go before The Purpose Tour finishes. But after that, Justin wants to try to “disappear” and go and see the world.

The Canadian star has told aides, he wants to get out of the limelight and properly see all the spots in the world that he doesn’t get to see on his tours.

Justin’s plan may need him to get a disguise as he one of the wold’s most famous stars – and obviously security could be a concern too.

The Biebs has been talking with pals about heading out on around the world getaway to clear his head, and find his “true spirituality”.

Business associates of The Biebs say that the Canadian is feeling the strain of being on the road and promotions and could do with a full break.

While many 22-year-olds go backpacking after university, they often do it on a shoe string budget.
However, JB has enough cash to hop from exotic location to historical city in five-star luxury.

Last night the source revealed:

“Justin has been feeling it in the last few months. He still loves performing for his fans and creating, but this tour has been a little like a pressure cooker. Being off stage is tough, as Justin is looking for his own time and space away from the limelight to relax. He has grown up a lot in the last two years and is starting to mature with his outlook on life and his talents at creating music. He has talked about getting away from it all, seeing the wider world and relaxing. Justin has spoken to us about his interest in seeing more of the world, rather than jetting into cities playing gigs and heading out. The idea is for him to travel the world seeing some of the greatest cities and exotic places around – but obviously given his wealth, with an unlimited budget.”

The source added: “He thinks the prolonged time off can be an opportunity for him to develop his spiritual beliefs and religious understandings. No matter how things stand publicly, Justin is still young and has been working almost non stop for a decade and dealing with a broken heart over Selena. Months away from LA and different places, people and experiences may be the way to move forward.”

While The Biebs’ globe-trotting escapades will be a five-star experience, aides still expect him to need security.

“He may wear a disguise but he will be easy to spot. He will need some ex military experts like Rangers who have broad skill sets to deal with everything from close protection to long term deployments in foreign terrains.”




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