October 13, 2017

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By Jon Boon

Finally, Jennifer Lawrence is doing Playboy! ..But sorry Dish Nation fans, it’s not exactly what you think.

Oscar winner J-Law, 27, is now being eyed by movie director Brett Ratner in his upcoming Hugh Hefner biopic. Although the filmmaker doesn’t have a particular role in mind for Jennifer, he thinks she can play any one of the Playboy Magazine mogul’s ex-wives, girlfriends or former bunnies.

Ratner believes adding Lawrence to the cast will give his movie much needed Oscar-gravitas, given she’s already lifted one gong and been nominated 4 times. Ratner has already got his Hef — lining up Jared Leto for the lead role, but now he needs a supporting cast and Jennifer is just the ticket to bring kudos to the project.

Publicly, the outreach and discussions are being kept top secret; but the question “taste” and “the financial agreement” will be important.

“Brett knows that if he wants to sell movie tickets while generating Oscar buzz for his Hugh Hefner biopic, he needs a stellar cast,” a source revealed.

“That’s exactly why he’s targeting Jennifer Lawrence — the most desired actress in Hollywood right now — for a leading role.

“Brett’s flexible when it comes to what part he wants her to play, and is leaving it open for her to star as a former wife of Hugh, maybe a girlfriend or even a bunny.
“By adding Jennifer to the film, he’s sure that’ll get the Academy buzzing and come awards time when it’s released give him a movie that will certainly get a mention.”

However, despite Ratner’s ambitious plans to bring Jennifer onto the production, LA film sources have told us that J-Law will have second thoughts about taking a role that may call for her to strip it off.

Another source divulged:

“While Jennifer would be flattered to be considered for such a role, she won’t do it if the films distasteful and requires her to take her clothes off. Being a pro-feminist, and getting to where she’s at in her professional life, she doesn’t believe that a necessary part of the process.

“Also, after being targeted by hackers and having her nude photos leaked, she’s become very protective about her body, and rightly so.  She doesn’t want to feel violated again.”

So, with that in mind, how does Brett tempt Jennifer into taking part?

“Brett has been made aware that Jennifer would require a hefty paycheck for her services,” the source continued. He will also have to agree to a signed agreement that states Jennifer will be keeping her clothes on in this movie.”

Ratner is a leading producer in Hollywood and directed Rush Hour 3 and X-Men: Last Stand.




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