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Monday, Apr 4, 2016
Getty Images/Jonathan Hay
Getty Images/Jonathan Hay


Kesha claims she was offered a release from her six-album contract with Sony Records if she agreed to retract all the statements — of which a court battle ensued — that accused producer Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke‘ Gottwald of mental, physical and sexual abuse.

The pop star’s claims set off a fury of conversations within the music industry, ranging from sexism to manipulation — with several female singers making public statements in support of Kesha.

DIDN’T HAPPEN: Sony To Drop Alleged Rapist Dr. Luke

Now, Dish Nation speaks with hip hop music producer Jonathan Hay who says he’s never liked Dr. Luke, had a bad experience with him, and believes Sony should drop him immediately.

“I think it’s a tragedy that Sony Music has remained firm and stood behind Dr. Luke throughout this whole Kesha ordeal,” Jonathan exclusively told Dish Nation.

“In my opinion, they should have parted ways with him a long time ago when they found out about his abuse on Kesha. He’s a monster.”

Jonathan has worked in the studio with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Nappy Roots and Johnny Depp, and also moonlights as a celebrity publicist.

Jonathan makes his feelings about Dr. Luke clear, and even recalls a time when the producer used a gay slur when describing one of Jonathan’s records.

TEAM KESHA: #FreeKesha

“I believe Dr. Luke’s career is over and I would refuse to take him on as a client to help with his damage control. I never liked Dr. Luke. He was completely rude when I spoke to him at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Ga., a few years ago,” Jonathan dished.

“I co-produced a remix to a song for Nappy Roots called ‘These Walls Revisited’ that Dr. Luke originally did 10 years earlier with Kanye West. Luke told me that he thought my version of the song ‘sucked’ and that I ‘took all the testosterone out of it and made the song sound like a f*g.’ I was completely offended that Dr. Luke said I made the song ‘sound like a f*g.'”

Jonathan appears in the March 24 issue of Rolling Stone magazine where he opens up further about Kesha and Dr. Luke.

ICYMI: Kesha Is Suing Producer Dr. Luke For Alleged Sexual And Emotional Abuse

He’s a Rising Producer/Artist with Jay Z‘s music streaming service, TIDAL, and is currently working on The Urban Hitchcock LP with music he produced featuring Cyhi The Prynce, who is an artist on Kanye West’s label and co-wrote 11 of the songs on his new album, “Life of Pablo.”


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