July 7, 2017

Be careful cooking for Debra Messing!

The Will & Grace actress is allergic to a ton of items like chicken, all white fish, gluten, mushrooms, beans, dairy and cats. Ok, while there’s no chance of her eating a kitty it’s still a lot of things to sneeze at.

But one thing she isn’t allergic to is orchids. But are they tasty?

“I have been a longtime allergy sufferer and it has had a very real impact on my life; my personal life, my working life,” the actress said in an interview back in 2013.

Messing once had a real scare while working on a film and an allergic reaction got the best of her.

“And literally we had to shut down production and just sit and wait for my allergies to resolve. Everybody was basically sitting around watching my face de-puff. And it was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassing.”

Bless you, Debra!

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