March 7, 2017


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Michael Jackson may have passed away seven years ago, but he is still putting on a show at his former home Neverland – and it is frightening off potential buyers.

Incredibly, both Michael’s daughter Paris and sister La Toya too say that they have felt the King Of Pop’s “presence” in recent years. Neverland ranch – huge home and estate in California has been on the market for over two years – but has had no buyers – with locals still blaming the King Of Pop’s ghost for frightening away potential new owners

The current owner has dropped the asking price from $100m to $67m for the property, which features a mansion, several guest cottages, a farm and a lake. The site once housed Jacko’s fairground and zoo, but both have been removed.
Now the Colony Capital Group were hoping to flog Neverland, which they brought in 1988 to wealthy Asian investors, but still have had no bids.

And worker and locals who have been on the property, say that potential buyers are “spooked” by the ghost. They have seen “mysterious shadows moving”, heard dancing sounds and “howling”, which Michael’s trademark sound when reaching out to his animals.

A well-placed source who regularly goes to the house, said:

“Michael is still there. Many of the people who work there and have visited Neverland can feel that there is an extra-ordinary presence in the main rooms, and especially in his former bedroom. People have seen shadows moving, a specter strolling around and also the howling noises, which Michael often made to call out to his animals.

“At times when the house is empty, workers have heard the sound of tap dancing and footsteps inside – and it freaks them out. When Paris visited she spoke about an extraordinary feeling of emotions like her father was watching over her. La Toya too says that she has felt times when it is as if Michael is in her life.”

“For prospective buyers, it is undeniable that there is something unusual and it has spooked them so much, that no-one is buying the place.”


Selling investment firm, Colony Capital, own the site after buying out the broke star’s $23 million mortgage on Neverland in 2008. MJ made Neverland his own Disneyland by bringing in a zoo, fun fair and cinema. He filled the area with Peter Pan memorabilia.

It is not the first time Jacko’s presence from beyond the grave has been felt. Close friend Jamie King of the Vegas One Show admitted he was with him often:

“I have sensed from the very beginning at Michael has been with me all along. I am not just the story creator and director , but that I am the co director with Michael.”


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