Can You Believe Their First Tweets? LA Hosts Edition

May 22, 2016



So we are still obsessed with looking into everyone’s first tweets, and couldn’t help but wonder what our very own talent first sent out into the Twitterverse. We present to you the first tweets EVER from our LA hosts.


The one and the only, Heidi Hamilton:





“Just joined twitter.”  Ummm… GIRL, ARE WE HAPPY YOU DID!





The other blonde beauty that’s a part of our LA team, Sammi Marino:






Who knew Sammi took Brian W. Phelps to bed with her? Get it, boo.





Mr. Erik Scott Smith:






It is always time to start Twitter, Erik. Always.





And last but CERTAINLY not least, Frank Kramer:



Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.23.53 PM



Why yes, Frank, there does happen to be a person or 2 out there in Twitterland. We’re so happy you’re one of them!




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