March 29, 2017

As children, our stuffed animals can be the best of friends. They keep tiny tots warm at night and provide company when no one else wants to play. They’re more than just a toy, and are usually the first line of defense against monsters under the our bed. Sometimes they provide courage against real life monsters, too.

Such is the case for 5-year-old Aiden Remme who has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

His teddy bear, named “Tedz,” has been with him through all 60 chemotherapy treatments, but Tedz went missing.

After retracing their steps and looking everywhere, his mother ,Tracy, made a last ditch plea on Facebook:

“We are looking for help.. my 5 yr old son (celebrating his birthday today!) who is battling brain cancer lost his teddy bear while at Mayo for his 60th round of chemo. This is more than a teddy bear, it has been with him through every appointment and every scan and surgery, this teddy means the world to him if anyone may have seen it please let us know!”

With over 1000 shares, and people looking everywhere — The teddy bear was found and reunited with Aiden. Tedz was found in the St. Mary’s Chapel. Presumably praying for his friend. Watch the video to see this brave boy reunited with Tedz.


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