My Big Fat List Of 10 Greek Celebrities

March 26, 2016
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You’ve probably already bought your tickets for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. (And if you haven’t got them, you better.) And in honor of the exciting Grecian festivities, we decided to compile a list of some famous faces who are of Greek decent.

Is anyone else suddenly craving greek yogurt or nah?


Betty White

She’s old enough to be a legitimate Greek goddess from the back in 1310 BC. We kid, we kid. But Betty is of Greek! Did you know?





Kelly Clarkson

Miss (Grecian) Independent. See what we did there?




Zach Galifianakis

Not only is this funny guy greek, but he’s also Scottish, French AND Irish too.



John Stamos 

HEY, he don’t rep. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt for nothing!




Tina Fey

Two thumbs up for that Grecian descent though!



Tiffani Thiessen

Bet you didn’t know Kelly Kapowski came from Greece, DID YOU? You learn something new everyday.



Tommy Lee 

This former sex-tape star rocker musician was born in Athens, Greece. So, if you ever need a tour guide, he’s obviously your guy.



Bob Costas

This famed sportscaster is Greek as well, and he’s drinking to that!




Billy Zane

Pretty sure this is where the term “Greek God” originated. Those eyes…



And last but not least…


Jennifer Aniston



Now you tell us, WHO’S THE HOTTEST?



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