January 3, 2018


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Hey Beyhive, this is gonna sting!

Ranker released a list of famous people who dislike Beyonce. Yes… those people do exist and they are not afraid to admit it.


First on the list is president Donald Trump, who hated on Queen Bey’s Super Bowl performance in 2013, calling it ‘suggestive’ and ‘scandalous.

Hold Up!

While Wendy Williams claims to be a fan of Beyonce, she dared to say that the ‘Single Ladies’ talks like a 5th grader, and feels the need to use closed captioning to understand Bey’s interviews.

Keyshia Cole is another one who hated on Beyonce’s song ‘Bow Down’ with a tweet slamming the Queen… She should’ve just Let it Go! 

The hater of all haters Keri Hilson learned not to mess with Bey the hard way. Her career basically ended after dropping a diss track that many believed was meant for Beyonce and Ciara. A career suicide move?

Many may continue to hate on Bey, but she continues to be the Diva of Divas! There’s no arguing here… To the left, to the left haters!


Celebrities Who Don’t Like Beyoncé



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