Bagged: The New Dating Game

August 22, 2014

New series Bagged

By Sarah Bockenek Braesch, @GoonSquadSarah

If you’re anything like me, you see this picture and think, I didn’t even know they let men into that Russian punk band, Pussy Riot. You might also briefly wonder how a painting picnic would be an effective protest against the Russian patriarchal machine, but the truth is so much weirder and more wonderful than any of that.

May I introduce you to The Dating Game of the 21st century? Readers, meet Bagged. Bagged, meet my readers.

Bagged is the new series from MyxTV.  The concept is a lot like the dating game – a bachelor or bachelorette has to choose from one of three contestants to go out with. The twist here is that instead of hiding behind a curtain, the three contestants just wear bags over their heads.

Basically, it’s like trying to date a Detroit Lions fan in 2008 but with more diversity and less whining about Barry Sanders. The concept is: when it comes to dating we put too much weight into looks and we should be going after the best personality match.

Here is why you want to watch it – the bachelor or bachelorette can make the contestants do weird things to try to determine who has the best personality. Take, for example, interpretive dance…


It actually sounds fascinating. The producers chose contestants of “varying races and diverse sexual orientations.” Think of it as a social experiment, but in reality gameshow form. What I’m saying is, it might get racy.

So, even though it probably won’t feature my favorite Russian feminist punk rock protest group, I will be watching.

In the immortal words of Sam and Dave, wrap it up. I’ll take. it.

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To watch the full trailer for Bagged, GO HERE!

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