Ariana Grande’s Pimple Stops Production On Her Music Video Set

November 11, 2014
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Ariana Grande‘s vanity is out of control! The diva recently held up post production on her music video “Love Me Harder” because of a pimple on her face, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

“You could barely even see it,” an insider revealed.

According to the source, the make-up team pulled out all the stops to ensure that Grande looked as flawless as a cover girl, but when the dailies came back, there was an unwelcome co-star stealing her thunder.

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“Ariana was so mortified when she woke up on the day of the shoot with a big zit on her chin that she wanted to postpone, but production wouldn’t let her,” the source told Dish.

“The make-up team was under strict orders to make it disappear, which they pretty much did, but Ariana was still not satisfied when she saw the footage. She made post production go back and digitally remove it from all the footage, which cost them a few more thousand dollars than was originally projected!”

The insider theorizes that it’s Grande’s insecurity, rather than her arrogance, that’s earning her a well-documented diva reputation.

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“Growing up she was never the pretty girl. She was the cute, talented girl, and she made the mistake of reading Internet comments about herself. People were so mean that she almost quit the business on several occasions,” the insider continued.

“She already had fragile self-esteem, but the comments really pushed her over the edge.”

But since becoming a Tinseltown “It Girl” Grande’s become accustom to looking flawless all the time.

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“Since arriving in Hollywood and getting this glamorous makeover, she’s all about being hot. She loves that she’s this object of desire to men all over the world and she loves vamping in her videos like a Victoria’s Secret model,” the insider dished.

“There was no way she was going to let a zit get in the way of that!”

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