Taylor Swift Plays Up The Crazy In Leaked ‘Blank Space’ Video

November 10, 2014


Taylor Swift is embracing the “crazy girl” label she’s been given due to her dating habits. In the video for her 1989 single “Blank Space” which leaked online, Taylor plays a rich and crazy maneater. One whose appetite for beautiful men is insatiable. But really whose IS satiable?!

Taylor’s character starts out calm, collected and flawless only to gradually unravel before our eyes. We’re not sure if the guy in the video is murdered by Taylor but at the end he did look like he’d fallen(for Taylor) and couldn’t get up(because she beat him down HARD).

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We could describe each shot frame for frame but it’s easier for you to hit that little play button and watch for yourself.

Do you think there’s any part of this video that’s more realistic than Swifty would like us to believe? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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