Danny DeVito Steals The Spotlight In New ‘One Direction’ Music Video

October 24, 2014


By Amber Ryland

The boys of One Direction released their new music video on Friday for ‘Steal My Girl’ — but it was a guest appearance by Danny DeVito that stole the show!

Set up like a small skit, there’s a nearly two-minute intro to DeVito as the director before the music video actually takes off.

“Gentleman, why are we here?” he asks the guys. “We’re here in the name of art. We’re here to commit ourselves to a higher form of expression.”

DeVito gives each band member a super power: Harry Styles is Love, Niall Horan is Light, Liam Payne is Power, Louis Tomlinson is Danger and Zayne Malik is Mystery.

Complete with sumo wrestlers, a monkey, paint-throwing, a marching band and a full-out carnival theme the video doesn’t disappoint.

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